Our Mission

What we believe:

We believe that everyone in the world has to be aware of healthiness himself or herself, no matter how old we are, how fat we are, or even how tall we are. However, in reality, most of the people would be likely aware their health situation until they get sick, serious illness, abnormal state or other forms in terms of “illness” instead of trying to prevent in earlier stage. Our mission is to provide a platform with more diversified data collected for users to understand the health status by themselves in order to gain some incentives by improving health status or awareness of own healthiness. A widespread ideology of proactive awareness of own health status is our goal of this project.

Technical description

  • The all-round mHealthCoin platform is a blockchain based health data keeping and analysis platform. When members do exercises and follow healthy habit, the health data will be captured by our mobile app and smartwearable and encrypted and submitted to blockchain. Each user will have his own chain for keeping health and account information, new coins will be generated as health information grows. The blockchain will be based on Nxt blockchain, using Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus.

    Our app is also an all-in-one platform for peers to manage their data and wallet. Our smartwearable supports 24 hours monitoring and different special features for different needs.

    Cloud health token exchange will be a marketplace for you to use your coins on whatever your heart desires. Small and Big data analysis and AI will be used to bring users discounts, services and goods that are most relevant to their health and fitness goals. A chatbot, bob the chatbot, will be built to offer personalized advice to further encourage members to follow the healthy habits and achieve their health and fitness goals. Hence a positive feedback loop is formed.



Vendor’s products are linked to advertiser campaigns and content within the mHealthCoin platform


mHealth Platform

Let vendors or advertisers put tokens received in the transaction back into the platform to pay for advertising, creating a full cycle of flow of interaction between coins and tokens.



Users can treat their mHealthTokens mined in early stage can be spent as a discount to purchase the products or services from the platform

Wearable Devices


  • 01

    For Kids


    GPS trace function is added for parents to trace the location of their children

  • 02

    For Elderly


    SOS function is added for elderly to use under emergent situation and calling for help monitor their body situations

  • 03

    For Sport


    A digital training system designed to keep users fit and motivated for life, features diversified exercises instruction video which will build a series of workouts based on users' individual goal and training preferences

  • 04

    IoT for Home Appliance


    To provide user a one-stop solution for a smarter living style, IoT technology will be developed to our smart devices in the later stage. Users can control their connected home anywhere at mHealthcoin APP or even wearable devices.

Token Sales


Private Sale

15th Feb, 2019 to 28th Feb, 2019



15th Mar, 2019


Allocation of Token Sales Fund

- Private Sale (10%)
- Crowdsale (42%)
- Exercise Reward to Users (28%)
- Company Reserve (18%)
- Marketing Expenses (2%)

Token Distribution and Project Roadmap

Allocation of Token


Project Roadmap


White Paper

Our Team

Andy Yuen


Michael Ng

Global Business Development Director

Solon Li


Alex Chiu


Terence Chim


Derek Leung


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